The rise in cyber-security breaches

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 28 August 2015

At Bloxx HQ, we are consumed by all things cyber security, so when Chris Potter from PWC wrote this blog post for Info Security Europe discussing key trends in information security breaches over the last twenty years.

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5 reasons why equality is vital for security

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 27 August 2015

Charles Sweeney, CEO of Bloxx, takes equality out of the HR manual and applies it to security. Why is it that in many other business departments, take finance for instance - equality exists? Well, this is to ensure people follow consistencies and there are rules people must follow and ramifications when they don't. Yet when it comes to security, such consistency is ad hoc at best.

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Take responsibility for your data security or find yourself up against the law

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 27 August 2015

Fail to take adequate measures to protect customer information from data breaches? Well now if you are based in the US, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Forbes reported this week that a court of appeals in Philadelphia ruled that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) had the power to go after corporations for failing to take the necessary measures to protect customer information from data breaches.

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STA Travel secure online users and increase productivity across multiple locations with Bloxx

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 26 August 2015

STA Travel is instantly recognisable across the UK thanks to their 45 branches and with their belief that ‘travel changes lives for the better’, it’s no surprise that the company also has earned itself an unrivalled reputation across the globe. In order to maintain this reputation, the company has to ensure that staff can be kept both safe and on task when online and ever since deploying Bloxx, the company has been flying high.

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Join our Community of Industry Experts and talk Cyber security over a drink.

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 25 August 2015

Interested in joining the conversation on key cyber security insights and best practices with our exclusive community of industry experts?

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Tru-View Technology helps secure 800 million devices across the globe

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 20 August 2015

Monitoring and filtering web content has never been an easy task, however with the constantly evolving online environment it’s getting increasingly harder to keep up and block out the ‘bad’ content. This is where real-time content filtering comes in, and with our patented Tru-View Technology, real-time content filtering has never been so good.

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Webcam Hack allows Canadian couple to be spied on

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 18 August 2015

The privacy concerns with laptop webcams have come under the spotlight again this week. A couple in Toronto have been left unnerved after being remotely spied on in bed by a complete stranger, watching and capturing the footage from the other side of the world.

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Bloxx deliver enhanced online training portal

Posted by Kate McMillan / 17 August 2015

To match our shiny new website (had you noticed?) Bloxx has also relaunched our dedicated online training platform, eCampus. eCampus is the on demand training service which we provide for all of our Bloxx customers. And if you login from today, you’ll see a big difference. In addition to a new layout - all of our training courses have been refreshed to ensure you can benefit from the latest and greatest Bloxx technology & functionality.

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Carphone Warehouse Hack: Lessons to be had

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 13 August 2015

No doubt, you have all seen some press surrounding the massive cyber-attack targeted the mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse last week. Perhaps you are a Carphone Warehouse customer and are reading this blog from your contracted smart phone?

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IWF Hash List Hailed as a ‘Game Changer’

Posted by Megan McCafferty / 11 August 2015

The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF), the UK hotline for the reporting of criminal online content, announced yesterday that is has partnered with Social Media giants, Google, Facebook and Twitter in an attempt to remove millions of child sexual abuse images from the internet. As part of this mandate and in a UK first, the anti-abuse organisation has begun sharing lists of indecent images, identified by unique "hash" codes. In simplified terms, a ‘hash’ is a digital fingerprint unique to an image which allows that image to be identified.

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