Block Anonymous Proxies

When your Web content filter relies on static lists, it’s easy for your users to access Proxy sites that allow them to bypass any filtering policies, leading to lost productivity and increased security risks.

With hundreds of new proxy bypass sites created every day, legacy techniques such as updating a URL list or keyword scanning, no longer provides adequate protection for your network or users. The only viable way to detect and block access to proxy bypass sites is at the point-of-request in real-time.

Unlike other Web filters that rely only these obsolete legacy methods, the Bloxx Web Filter uses Bloxx Tru-View Technology (TVT) to provide genuine real-time analysis and categorization of requested Web pages. TVT is particularly adept at detecting anonymous proxies.

In addition, developers of proxy sites use sophisticated obfuscation techniques to avoid detection. To improve detection, TVT employs advanced de-obfuscation techniques to ensure that these proxy sites are identified and blocked. And with Bloxx SSL Intercept, even HTTPs proxy sites will be detected and blocked.

This provides unrivalled automatic identification and blocking of anonymous proxies all without any effort from you, keeping your users safe and on-task and eliminating security risks.