Web Content Filtering

The Bloxx Web Filter incorporates layered content filtering for enhanced protection. The filtering consists of dynamic, real-time content analysis and categorization (our Internationally patented Tru-View Technology), an optimized URL database, user configurable lists and security layers; including anti-malware, spyware and phishing. Read more about Layered Content Filtering.

URL Database

The Bloxx Web filter uses a small optimized URL database that is updated every 24 hours. Bloxx analyzes all uncategorized URLs received from client devices, creates an updated URL database containing the most relevant URLs and then pushes this out to client devices.

User-Configurable Protection

For an added layer of user-configurable control you can create lists of words or phrases that allow you to quickly block access to pages containing any of the words or phrases irrespective of the category of the Web page. Requested URL strings and Web content are scanned for occurrences of these keywords and if a pre-set score is exceeded then the page is blocked. For example, you can create a policy that allows access to news sites but blocks access to any pages that have the word “games” either in the URL string or appear on the page.

Customized Filtering for Your Environment

Not every organization has the same Web filtering requirements. To ensure that you can easily tailor the Bloxx content filter for yours, the Sensitivity Manager allows you to adjust the sensitivity of Tru-View Technology for each content category. Each category has a sensitivity slider ranging from 0 to 100 and each can be adjusted according to your organization’s level of tolerance to the content in question. For example, you may wish to be quite aggressive in blocking inappropriate material such as violence or pornography, but less proactive when it comes to travel or property. In addition, you can easily create custom allow or deny lists to provide further customization.

Enforced Safe Search

To enhance protection, the Bloxx Web Filter enforces safe search on a range of search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube. In addition the Bloxx Web Filter supports YouTube for Education.