Malware Protection

Bloxx Anti-Malware is included as standard in the Bloxx Web Filter, providing you with extra layers of protection against Web-based threats at the gateway level. It also blocks inadvertent attempts by users to access phishing websites (this is normally caused by users clicking on malicious links in phishing emails).


Bloxx Anti-Virus uses dual layer virus blocking to provide protection against infected files being downloaded and compromising your network. When an infected file is detected, the user receives an Access Denied page and the infected file is discarded, so there is no risk that it can re-surface at a later date.


Bloxx Anti-Spyware automatically blocks the most common types of spyware files. This is configurable, so you can allow certain sites (for example, to download content that you wish to install.


Phishing is an attempt by a third party to gain access, usually by obtaining login information, to accounts or systems that they have no legal right to access. Generally the sites hosting the pages for these attacks are themselves compromised and the same phishing attack can be hosted on many different sites and domains, these sites and domains are ever changing.

Bloxx Anti-Phishing can catch even the most convincing of phishing attempts. Instead of relying on a database of static URLs for known phishing sites, we use a sophisticated pattern matching system allowing detection of known phishing attacks even on new and previously unknown sites. This mechanism coupled with regular updates from our 24/7 feed of updated patterns delivers receive up-to-the-minute protection against dynamic phishing threats.