Policy Management

Bloxx Web filtering solutions have advanced flexible policy management that allows you to easily create and manage access policies. This means you can easily implement different policies based around the specific Web access requirements for users and groups. For example, you could create a policy for the Manufacturing group that blocks access to shopping sites during work hours but allows access to the sites at lunchtime.

Flexible Time-Based Access Quotas

To provide additional flexibility and simplify policy management, every policy can be set up so that access to specific content categories can have a time-based access quota. For example, you could create a policy for the Finance group that allows users to access shopping, news or social networking sites for up to 60 minutes each working day.

Continue On Block to Empower Users

Every policy can be configured with categories set to enable ‘Continue On Block’ (COB). This empowers users to make a decision about visiting a blocked Web page based on their role and needs, without having to wait for the site to be unblocked or a policy modified. For example, you can create a policy that sets the travel Web sites to use COB, so that when a user requires legitimate access to a travel site they can continue to the site without any IT intervention. Every COB access is logged so that you have a full audit trail of who has used COB to visit which sites.