Flexible, rapid and secure deployment

The explosive growth in mobile devices and the demands of BYOD means that you need a content filter that is able to easily deal with Web traffic from these devices in addition to traditional endpoint devices.

That’s why The Bloxx Web Filter, Email Filter and Secure Web Gateway are the ideal solutions to deal with the complexity of a connected world – if you can direct your Web traffic to your Bloxx solution, we can filter it.

With multiple physical ports, multiple software listening ports, VLAN support and a wide range of authentication protocols supported, Bloxx content filters deliver unsurpassed flexibility to fit your network. And with advanced clustering and dedicated reporting solutions, Bloxx filtering can scale to deal with your current and future network infrastructure and data retention requirements.

Looking for a high availability resilient solution? Check out our Load Balanced and High Availability solutions.

Supported On Premise Deployment Methods

There are a number of common deployment methods supported. These include:

  • Client Configured Mode
  • Gateway Intercepting Mode
  • Inline Intercepting Mode
  • Hybrid Mode
  • Routed Intercepting Mode
  • WCCP Intercepting Mode

Supported Platforms

  • Hardware Appliance
  • Virtual Appliance
  • Hybrid Cloud

We will work with you to identify the right deployment approach for your network and what you are trying to achieve and then ensure that the deployment happens with minimum disruption. For more detailed information about deployment methods and which one is best suited to your network, please Book a Demo or Request a Quote.