Layered Content Filtering and Security

The content filtering engine used in the Bloxx Web Filter and Secure Web Gateway consists of multiple layers of content analysis and security to provide you with unsurpassed protection. The process is split into two distinct parts: outbound based on the URL being requested and inbound based on the content retrieved from the Web server.

A page requested by a user will either be allowed or blocked based on the user's Internet Usage Policy. In addition the requested page will be blocked if one of the security layers detects a security risk.

For clarity, the diagram illustrating the content filtering and security is shown as a linear process, however all of the outbound processes happen in parallel and all of the inbound processes happen in parallel.

  1. Requested URL is checked against the local customer-managed database of allowed and denied URLs.
  2. URL is checked against the optimised URL database which is updated nightly by Bloxx to ensure that it contains the most relevant URLs. The Bloxx URL database covers 51 content categories.
  3. File type being requested is checked. For example, if the user’s policy blocks .exe files the request is denied.
  4. Application type being requested is checked. For example, if the user’s policy blocks access to P2P services the request is denied.
  5. URL is checked to against the Phishing and Spyware databases. These lists are continually updated by Bloxx to ensure that they include new sites.
  6. Requested page is retrieved from the Web server.
  7. Page is scanned and checked against the Cross-Category Lexicon – this can be used to identify and block pages with specific words or phrases irrespective of the content category.
  8. Page is passed to the malware detection engine for analysis to detect and block any potential security threats.
  9. If the requested URL was not in the local or URL database, the page is then analysed and categorised by Tru-View Technology (TVT) a dynamic real-time content categorisation engine. TVT uses Internationally patented language classification technology to determine the content category of a Web page with unsurpassed accuracy across 50 Bloxx Content Categories.Layered Content Filter diagram showing stages of security checks